San Diego Surf PL Competes

San Diego Surf PL teams and players compete all throughout Southern California representing San Diego Surf SC in many leagues, both local and regional.


Teams Coach League
B2005/06 Jason Donlon Discovery NPL
B2007 Jason Donlon Discovery NPL
B2008 Jason Donlon SoCal Flight 2
B2009 Robert Rodrigues SoCal Flight 2
B2010 Hector Lopez SoCal Flight 2
B2012 Hector Lopez SoCal Flight 2
B2013 Robert Rodrigues SoCal
B2014 Robert Rodrigues SoCal
B2014/15 II TBA SoCal
B2015 Hector Lopez SoCal
B2016 Fricek Rodriguez SoCal
B2017 Fricek Rodriguez SoCal


Coach League
G2005/2006 Kevin Soares SoCal Flight 1
G2007 Kevin Soares Discovery NPL
G2008 Kevin Soares SoCal
G2009/10 Samantha Seiders SoCal Flight 2
G2011 Samantha Seiders SoCal
G2012 TBA SoCal
G2013 TBA SoCal
G2014 Samantha Seiders SoCal
G2015 Samantha Seiders SoCal
G2016 Fricek Rodriguez SoCal
G2017 Fricek Rodriguez SoCal